ChowNow Marketing Store

ChowNow Marketing Store Landing Page


  • User Experience

  • Brand Design

  • Wireframing



The ChowNow Marketing Store is an online site where customers can buy marketing on their own through ChowNow. Ever since our rebranding in 2018, this website had fallen behind. I was in charge of mocking up a refreshed version of the landing page with the new branding in mind.



The design

The old website looked outdated in fonts, and layout. I wanted to create more breathing room on the landing page that made it easier for the viewer to scan for the information they needed. To remove the clutter, I got rid of the extra lines around the items and added white space around it so that the image would stand out to the viewer. In addition to adding whitespace, I added a bright image on the header to create a sense of harmony with the page. This way, there wasn’t the sudden break from header to consumer products and the viewer could scan seamlessly through the items. I added a shadow hover state on the items that cues to the viewer what they are clicking on without taking away the white space.

In addition, I added item descriptions on the bottom of the thumbnails so that the viewer could get a better understanding of the item before clicking on it, creating a better user experience for them.

This project is currently under review.