ChowNow White Papers

ChowNow White Papers


  • Brand Designer

  • Project Manager

  • Data Analysis


The growth marketing team at ChowNow wanted a more active, interactive way to engage new restaurant leads to our company. Creating content was an easy way to generate interest that provides value to our potential clients and establishes ChowNow as a thought leader in the restaurant industry. I worked with the growth marketing team to create a comprehensive library of informational eBooks. While these White Papers were creating leads, they were also important as they established a visual introduction to ChowNow.


The Design

The biggest challenge with these eBooks was the amount of copy. I wanted the reader, potential restaurant owners, to be able to relate to the design, but still have an engaging, informative experience. This was done by pulling out some elements such as quotes to highlight important notes, and blocks to highlight stats that are relevant to their day-to-day job. In addition, I wanted to use honest imagery that would draw the reader into the eBook. That meant utilizing pictures of the restaurant owners, of the food plated naturally, and photos of mobile devices in action.



Other eBooks

I created many other informational White Papers to show potential clients. It was important to keep the design style so that they were unified, branded, and appealing to read. 


1. Customer Data
Restaurant should have full access to information about their own customers. This eBook explains how to use customer data to advertise and gain more customer loyalty. 

2. Branded Mobile Apps
Restaurants need to keep up with the competition in the digital age. This eBook explains how custom-built iPhone and Android apps that are branded to their business will boost orders.

3. Online Ordering Mistakes
In the rush to adopt online ordering, some restaurateurs are inadvertently making mistakes that undermine their businesses. This eBook was made to make sure that restaurant owner can avoid these mistakes.



Social Design

In addition to these eBooks, we also created a series of Instagram and Facebook ads that would link back to this content. We did a data analysis of what designs worked better.


  • Natural looking designs (aka lifestyles shots) worked 34% better than illustrative or photoshopped images.

  • Images with faces had a 57% better conversion rate than images without a face.