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Ability Nutrition is a nutrition brand focused on preparing optimal nutrition to help enhance everyday ABLTY with Premium Sourcing: Grass-Fed, Pastured, Wild Meats. Organic, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free ingredients. Their clients are mainly sports tea and gym trainers.



The old branding


Ability’s old logo did the job of hinting at a nutritional brand with the leaf, but lacked the branding of a meal prep program aimed at sports programs and gym trainers who are bulking up, trying to gain muscle. With the handwritten font, it seems more like a child- friendly brand rather than an all organic workout enhancement meal program.



logo concepts

In order to promote the brand’s all natural food and holistic ingredients, we took a color scheme of mostly greens. For the red logo, I wanted to give an option that was more ”Spartan” themed in order to give a little more warrior elements to create a sense of eating something that affect the body in a positive and powerful way.